About LA Beaute


Professor Richard Leblanc began conducting exclusive research for La Beaute products to empower the world and the marketplace with better quality hair products with better ingredients that were healthy for the body.

 By blending unique and complex sets of herbs, vitamins, proteins and oils, Professor Leblanc, in addition to a suite of medical professionals and production experts, created a natural hair products that used natural extraction processes.

 This is the magic of Therapy Biorganic formulation—and one of our secret's is Keratin.

 Keratin protects hair from damage and the perils of stress. Hair, itself, is made of Keratin, which means the Keratin in La Beaute products and the Therapy Biorganic Collection puts protein back into the hair.

 As we age, and the more we use harmful chemical-based hair products, our hair loses health and proteins if it doesn’t outright fall out. La Beaute has developed a natural remedy which reverses this—toughening hair fibers while additional herbs and oils add to your hair’s illustrious shine.

 Our products are licensed by the Ministry of Health—and never tested on animals. Stay safe, and support the companies that help you—La Beaute hair products.