leave in conditioner (Styling crème)

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A revolution in Hair style. Try the all new leave in conditioner to style your hair! Can be used after blow dry or after a shampoo or anytime you like to style to start your day or night ! This Product has been used by elite stylist and barbers and is recommended for Women and or Men that care about the long term health of their hair as well as a product they can feel good about. 

- Pure Coconut Oil

- Pure Keratin 

-Vitamin E extract 


-Paraben free 

 Our formula has these benefits: 

-Prevents split ends, protect sun damage, provides shine with keratin gloss effect, protects preserves color of hair, manages curly/wavy hair, protects hair that has gone straightening treatment, helps when combing and styling, add natural volume, softens hair with a wonderful scent, thermal shield again heat from hair dryers or curly iron's. 

How to use : apply to hair and style as needed do not rinse off till a shower ; can be used for daily use